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A Living Document that Changes as Our Business Does

Our Health and Safety Practices

Although we pride ourselves on always maintaining a high level of food safety, cleanliness, and sanitation throughout our operations, we’ve been especially vigilant since early March for the well-being of both our customers and our staff. 

For your own peace of mind, we’d like to share with you some of the extra steps we’re taking to keep up with the precautions as recommended by local, state, and federal health officials: 

1. Fully sanitizing our high-touch areas, including POS systems, countertops, tables, chairs, door-knobs, etc. using products that meet EPA standards multiple times a day. 

2. Encouraging employees to stay home if they feel sick or fearful to come to work, with any accrued sick pay.

3. As always, providing fully stocked handwashing stations and sanitizer for our employees to clean their hands on a consistent and regular basis.

4. Installing approved air cleaners and UV lights in our HVAC systems.

Our Seating and Reservation Policies

Due to strict local guidelines, our additional cleaning efforts, and limited tables, we have new policies that will continue to shift and change as our business does. 

1. Beginning Wednesday, September 30th, we're opening our indoor dining to our guests at 25% capacity! We'll continue to offer outdoor dining as well on our patio through at least October 31st. 

2. We're open 7 days a week, 12-9pm. Our limited and spread out tables will be available for table service only and should be reserved in advance. During off-peak hours, you may be able to walk-in, but please speak with a staff member before assuming that a table is free. 

3. Due to the limits on capacity both indoors and out, the maximum number for any party will be 5 people. Notes in your Resy booking for more than 5 people will not be honored. Any group larger than 5, must be approved by management by calling our restaurant during our regular business hours: 718-858-7650 ext. 1

4. Tables will have a 1-hour time limit and will only be seated when the full party has arrived. If a party is not full and seated ten minutes after the reservation time, the table will be released. 

5. We’re implementing a strict cancellation fee for all reservations that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. Additionally, if you reserve for 4 people but only arrive with two people to dine, you will be charged the cancellation fee for the 2 guests that have cancelled. 

6. Our maximum capacity indoors is for 19 guests during this first phase. Children will be counted as guests, but up to two infants may be in your party before we have to count them as guests as well. 

7. Because of the strict guidelines and policies, we will not be able to switch a party that is booked on the patio to an indoor table and vice versa. Please contact the restaurant before you arrive if you have any urgent questions about your reservation: 718-858-7650 ext. 1

What We Ask of You, Our Beloved Guests

We cannot move forward without the support of our guests, and we can reduce the risk of a spike when we all follow the safety guidelines put forth by the CDC and WHO, so please help us continue to move forward by adhering to the following:

1. Wear face coverings when interacting with our staff, and at any time that you’re not seated at your table—if you’re waiting for your table, visiting the restroom, or moving about the area for any other reason.

2. All guests will be required to have their temperatures checked upon dining with us.

3. Prior to being seated at your table, at least one member of your party must complete our COVID contact tracing form, which can be done through your phone or a paper form provided by a staff member. This is local regulation and all diners must comply.

4. Please do not bring ANY outside food or beverage with you to ave at your table or to request our staff to store for you. There are no exceptions to this rule.

5. Wash/sanitize your hands frequently and thoroughly. 

6. Avoid touching your face with your hands before or after interacting with any of our staff or our property.

7. We firmly ask that if you’re feeling unwell that you do not visit us at this time. Please contact us right away if you’ve fallen ill and have a reservation you’re concerned about cancelling. 718-858-7650 ext. 1