The Flay List, Lobster Episode

“The owners of this Brooklyn joint set out to bring the Maine vacation spirit to New York, and to do so they bring in live Maine lobsters three times a week all year ‘round—a total of around 15,000 pounds of lobster meat per year. Opt for a classic buttery roll or try one of their more creative options like the Tuscan Lobster Roll, which is tossed with basil vinaigrette.”



“After Superstorm Sandy hit, they had to rebuild from scratch. After being closed for four months, they served their first post-Sandy lobster roll to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

June 1, 2019, by Erin DeGregorio


2019: Brooklyn Voted Red Hook Lobster Pound Best Lobster Rolls!

“It’s a six-hour trip by car to Maine, the state that prides itself on delicious lobster rolls. Fortunately, Brooklynites don’t have to travel that far to get an amazing lobster roll right in their backyard.”

2017: Brooklyn Voted Red Hook Lobster Pound Best Lobster Rolls!

Met with serious acclaim from all who try the fresh, seafood delights straight from the Maine coast offered up at Red Hook Lobster Pound; it’s no secret why the Brooklyn-based eatery with a food truck outpost is a foodie favorite.”


Bites in Every Borough: 13 of New York City’s Best Neighborhood Restaurants

“You can’t go wrong with any of the offerings, but of course, the lobster dishes are the signature specialties. We recommend the lobster Mac-n-Cheese for something hearty, homey, and utterly delicious.”

May 14, 2019, By Annie Albrecht


Top Restaurants in NYC: Restaurants in NYC you don’t want to miss

“This place has some of the best lobster rolls I’ve ever had. They were absolutely chock-full of huge, delicious pieces of sweet, sweet lobster meat. And who doesn’t love their bloody mary topped off with a lobster claw?”

April, 2019, Elise Armitage


Raycee Jones Does BK

It reminds me a little of home, and I love to go with people and debate over Maine or Connecticut style. It’s also down in Red Hook, which is a wonderful neighborhood, on the water, near a cute lil view of the Statue of Liberty (one of those things you see and remember, holy shit! I live here!).”

February 12, 2019, by bandsdobk


Red Hook Lobster Pound Winner of 2018 Experts' Choice Award

“With recommendations from sources including Gayot, Village Voice and Rough Guide, Red Hook Lobster Pound is featured on as one of the best restaurants in New York City.”


Lobster is The Star of This Place

Lobster is the protagonist and all the other ingredients are simply used to help it achieve stardom in every single dish.”

July, 26, 2018, by NY Cool


Red Hook: A mysterious enclave or the city’s next big creative hub?

“Longtime restaurateur Povich welcomes new faces like Stink Studios moving in.”

July 10, 2018, by Nikki Mascali


Summer x Lobster Rolls

“With much popularity they have expanded outside of Brooklyn and have several locations.”

- May 29, 2018, Dom N’The City


From Day One Podcast

“The pound’s first expansion was selling lobster rolls in the early days of Brooklyn Flea. Povich remembers the simplicity of joining the Flea, now somewhat unimaginable given its popularity.”

- May 25, 2018, The Bridge


Manhattan transfers: New York’s boroughs by ferry

“The Lobster Pound started selling its famous lobster rolls from the counter but in 2015 opened a restaurant. It serves four rolls – Maine, Connecticut, BLT and Tuscan – with fries or salad”

- February 24, 2018, Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian


Check Out this Christmas Tree Made Out of Lobster Traps in Red Hook, Brooklyn

“But this year, the Red Hook Lobster Pound in Red Hook is doing something a little different. On Thursday evening, this Brooklyn-based lobster purveyor lit up its Christmas tree — made entirely from lobster traps. It’s the only one south of Kittery, according to the restaurant’s Instagram.”

- December 8, 2017, Rachel Fogle de Souza, Untapped Cities

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The Remarkable Recovery of Business in Red Hook

“At the Lobster Pound, an innovative “resilient power hub” will be installed on the roof by energy consulting firm Bright Power, thanks to a grant from RISE:NY, a city program to help small businesses become more resilient.”

- October 25, 2017, Lisa M. Collins, The Bridge


Just Keep Swimming! Best Seafood in Manhattan

“Once you’ve had one bite, you will definitely want to go back there, and it is going to be soon after your first visit. The Red Hook Lobster Pound is a family-run business, and when you go there you feel like part of the family. Visit this place and enjoy fresh and sensational seafood and lobster rolls!”

- September 23, 2017, foodboss blog


Best Seafood Shacks in NYC

“Get a taste of the beach without leaving the city at one of these urban seafood shanties in NYC.”

April 11, 2017, by Zagat Staff


Best Lobster Rolls in NYC

Best bets for lobster rolls in NYC.”

October 25, 2016, by Zagat Staff


The Absolute Best Places for Lobster Rolls in NYC

“Still, classics are key when it comes to the perfect lobster roll, and the original (cold) Maine roll and (hot) Connecticut roll reign supreme here, each packed with a bulging amount of Maine claw and knuckle meat (almost too much to keep the split-top bun intact) and served alongside coleslaw, a pickle, and your choice of salad.”

- July 20, 2016, Lucy Meilus, Thrillist


From Maine to NYC, the Story of Red Hook Lobster Pound's Rolls

“Since their first days, Gorham and Povich have been using fresh Maine lobster from the Five Islands area, close to Povich's family summer home.”

- June 30, 2015, by Hillary Dixler Canavan, Eater


30 Things You Need to Eat & Drink This Summer in NYC


May 19, 2015, by Kelly Dobkin


15 NYC Lobster Rolls Worth Obsessing Over


August 20, 2014, by Zagat Staff


Family-Friendly Restaurants in Red Hook: Top 12 Places to Eat with Kids (No, Not Ikea!)

Many foodies claim this hole-in-the-wall serves the best lobster roll in town.”

- October 30, 2014, Teri, MommyPoppins


The 8 most essential lobster roll spots in NYC

“This classic, split-top, hot dog bun beauty comes with 1/4lb of Maine meat, and's served either Connecticut-style, Maine-style, or Tuscan-style (tossed in a basil vinaigrette). The only bad move is not getting all three.”

- June 24, 2014, Andrew Zimmer, Thrillist


50 Street Foods That Make NYC Great (in 60 Seconds)

You don't even have to step into a restaurant to see that this city has it all - from pretzels to lobster rolls and hot-from-the-fryer donuts - you're covered.”

August 21, 2013, by Zagat Staff


New Lobster Rolls

“On its knockout Connecticut roll (hot butter, smoked paprika, blades of sharp scallion) and its Maine roll (nicely chilled with a touch of homemade mayo, celery, scallion and shredded lettuce), the meat is ample, firm and sweet. It tastes as fresh as can be, which matters when you’re dealing with a trend that’s growing so fast, it threatens to fall off its bloom.”

- July 12, 2011, Betsy Andrews, New York Times


Food Trucks Are on a Roll, Despite Paperwork

“That doesn't seem to be a problem, though. Customers find the trucks and will wait as long as two hours to get a lobster roll, she says.”

- May 2, 2011, Laurie Kulikowski, The Street


If you’re jonesing for a lobster roll“, these ”cool“ seafood shacks fit the bill with ”really tasty“ varieties, including a warm and ”buttery“ Connecticut-style; the digs are simple, but the Red Hook original adds table service and ”delicious" whole lobster dinners to the mix.
-Zagat Review


Marathon Lobster Roll Hunt Has Three N.Y. Winners: Ryan Sutton

“You can also order a Connecticut butter style roll to set the maritime intensity in high relief. If Thomas Keller served them he’d get a Michelin Star. Rating: Outstanding (9.5/10)”

- July 21, 2010, Ryan Sutton, Bloomberg News


Rocky Sullivan’s

“These two scamps have been playing Mr. and Mrs. David to the local Fairway’s lobster Goliath since summer. … They’ve cut meat into buttery lobster rolls at the Brooklyn Fleas; they’ve sold lobster grits and steamed knuckles of Jonah crab. Now they’re steaming lobsters out in Rocky’s courtyard, fat, hard-shelled fellows deep with the flavor that only fall ocean brings.”

- October, 27, 2009, Sam Sifton, New York Times



“And what a star it is, from the soft top-split J.J. Nissen bun, buttered and toasted on the outside for maximum texture, to the sweet lobster salad with chopped celery, minced chives, and the barest hint of homemade mayonnaise.”

- September, 21, 2009, Marisa Robertson-Textor


Lobster Rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound - Actually worth the 2 hr wait

“Red Hook's lobster rolls are in my book definitely the best ones in the city. Maybe even in the state of Maine! They are that good.”

JUNE 28, 2009, Christine, yummy in the city


A Lobster Haul in Brooklyn

“The downturn had them shifting gears, and a few weeks ago they opened Red Hook Lobster Pound in the space, combining their entrepreneurial spirit with their passion for the state of Maine.”

- May 19, 2009, Florence Fabricant, The New York Times