“Properly steamed (six to eight minutes, depending on the size), they are delectable.”
- Florence Fabricant, New York Times


“These two scamps have been playing Mr. and Mrs. David to the local Fairway’s lobster Goliath since summer. … They’ve cut meat into buttery lobster rolls at the Brooklyn Fleas; they’ve sold lobster grits and steamed knuckles of Jonah crab. Now they’re steaming lobsters out in Rocky’s courtyard, fat, hard-shelled fellows deep with the flavor that only fall ocean brings.”
- Sam Sifton, New York Times


“And what a star it is, from the soft top-split J.J. Nissen bun, buttered and toasted on the outside for maximum texture, to the sweet lobster salad with chopped celery, minced chives, and the barest hint of homemade mayonnaise.”
- Gourmet.com


“On its knockout Connecticut roll (hot butter, smoked paprika, blades of sharp scallion) and its Maine roll (nicely chilled with a touch of homemade mayo, celery, scallion and shredded lettuce), the meat is ample, firm and sweet. It tastes as fresh as can be, which matters when you’re dealing with a trend that’s growing so fast, it threatens to fall off its bloom.”
- Betsy Andrews, New York Times


“Perfect” lobster rolls in both Maine (cold) and Connecticut (warm) versions are the draw at this “out-of-the-way” Red Hook seafooder; the “less-than-basic” ambiance is “more picnic than dining”, but the “prices are good” and the food’s like “Kennebunkport without the driving.”


“Red Hook Lobster Pound’s rolls.. available from the flagship storefront and at the Brooklyn Flea, are better than Luke’s. Just lemon, salt, butter and paprika. The flesh, laid into a JJ Nissen bun, is so delicate it’s like biting into meringue. A gloss of homemade mayo rounds out the flavors. You can also order a Connecticut butter style roll to set the maritime intensity in high relief. If Thomas Keller served them he’d get a Michelin Star. Rating: Outstanding (9.5/10)”
- Ryan Sutton, Bloomberg News

Yummy in the City

“I can’t believe that I actually waited for 2 hours!.. But…actually it was totally worth the wait! Red Hook’s lobster rolls are in my book definitely the best ones in the city. Maybe even in the state of Maine! They are that good”
- yummyinthecity.com

Great Eats with Petes

“The taste as I said was far superior then your everyday lobster. They were sweet and succulent. The tails and claws were full of meat. I cannot say enough about how good these lobsters were. They were also reasonably priced.”
- Greateatswithpetes.com