The Red Hook Lobster Pound specializes in fresh catch lobster. We stock our tanks with the highest quality Maine lobster, shipped regularly straight from the boats to Brooklyn. Stop by the pound to pick up your crustaceans and get tips from our expert staff on how to cook them.


A lobster “pound” is a cordoned-off cove or tank where lobsters are kept until they’re sold. Some lobsters are kept in pounds for many days or weeks before getting shipped out to restaurants or seafood markets. Think farmed animals versus free range. By contrast, our pound’s tanks are the lobsters’ first home after leaving the natural ocean, which means our lobster is as fresh and flavorful as you can get.


We buy and sell only lobsters under 1.75 lbs. Larger lobsters are "breeders" and are essential to sustaining a healthy lobster population for future generations. Maine has some of the strictest lobster fishery regulations and our lobsters have been certified by the Maine Stewardship Council which means that our lobsters are not only delicious but ecologically sound.