What’s more delicious than lobster?  What’s more fun than a food truck?

When you plan a special event you want to create excitement, fun and future memories.  So you could either go the traditional route and hire a run-of-the-mill caterer to provide the typical meat/fish choice or you could delight your guests with Big Red, the Red Hook Lobster Pound’s food truck, rolling up to your party to serve our world-famous lobster rolls, handmade salads and fixings inspired by Maine seafood shacks.

Our food truck Big Red has garnered many accolades including Best Food Truck in the Nation and is a very popular lady, especially in the warm summer season, so we have set food cost minimums to book depending on the time, day of the week and season. 

To find out more info about booking, the food truck's availability or get a catering estimate, let us know about your party!